About company

KORGAN law firm has been gradually developing since its establishment in 2014. The firm’s team includes senior lawyers, lawyers and junior associates. Senior lawyers have been working at the firm since its creation and make up the main “backbone” of the firm. We are proud that our employees remain with us because the issue of privacy in such an area as legal advice is very important and preserving confidential information of clients is crucial for us. Trust is the most valuable thing that a client can entrust to us. In our activities, we use Kaizen strategy – a long-term strategy aimed at achieving the goals and objectives set, I would like to note that TOYOTA Corporation is the benchmark for the use of kaizen. Adhering to the strategy of continuous development, our firm ensures professional development of firm’s lawyers through regular advanced training courses and various seminars at which employees improve their level of professional knowledge and skills in law.

The mission of KORGAN law firm is the effective work of the firm’s lawyers using modern technologies in their work in order to ensure reliable protection of the interests of our Clients.

The main activities of our firm include monthly/annual legal support for business entities; representation of legal entities in corporate and economic disputes; registration/re-registration of Kazakh companies as well as registration of companies with foreign participation; visa support for foreign citizens intending to register business in Kazakhstan; registration of real estate; participation in bankruptcy and liquidation procedures of companies; obtainment of permits, and licenses.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in representing interests in the court of economic disputes: in collecting debts for work performed, for goods delivered; protecting the interests of suppliers from being recognized as bad-faith party to a public procurement transaction; challenging the results of public procurement; challenging an unreasonably accrued penalty amount. To date, our firm has participated in more than 1,000 court proceedings and recovered more than 1,000,000,000 KZT in favor of clients. We cooperated with foreign companies on debt collection from defendants located on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and experience working with non-residents allows our lawyers to get involved quickly in the process and thereby save time for the client.

One of the focus of legal services provided is monthly legal support for the business, which involves drafting and coordinating contracts to which both local and foreign companies are the parties, conduction of pre-trial and claim work on debt collection, consulting on current issues of the company. Since 2019, our firm has been providing comprehensive legal, accounting and human resources services due to attraction of highly qualified accountants with more than 20 years of work experience; as a result, our company can provide high-quality services for taxation and accounting and financial reporting at the enterprise.

The firm also specializes in the preparation of documents for obtaining a license in the field of architectural and urban development, our clients have successfully obtained first, second and third categories license for construction, and installation and design work throughout Kazakhstan.

In the field of international cooperation, our firm has reliable partners in neighboring countries: the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan and in the Middle East – the UAE Dubai.

We participate in social projects with non-profit organizations and provide legal services free of charge in order to support the poor, World War II veterans, the disabled, retirees.

KORGAN law firm provides professional legal services. In our activities, we place special emphasis on long-term relationships with the client, mutual trust, responsibility and confidentiality.

Our goal is to become a reliable and long-term partner in providing legal services to our clients. 

We offer:

  • high engagement, individual approach to each client that reflects client’s specific requirements and commercial interests;
  • business – innovative, clear and easily understandable consultations;
  • fulfilling instructions on time;
  • reliable partnership and trusting relationships.

Our legal services are focused on the success and achievement of the goals set by our clients.