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KORGAN law firm has been gradually developing since its establishment in 2014. The firm’s team includes senior lawyers, lawyers and junior associates. Senior lawyers have been working at the firm since its creation and make up the main “backbone” of the firm. We are proud that our employees remain with us because the issue of privacy in such an area as legal advice is very important and preserving confidential information of clients is crucial for us. Trust is the most valuable thing that a client can entrust to us. In our activities, we use Kaizen strategy – a long-term strategy aimed at achieving the goals and objectives set, I would like to note that TOYOTA Corporation is the benchmark for the use of kaizen. Adhering to the strategy of continuous development, our firm ensures professional development of firm’s lawyers through regular advanced training courses and various seminars at which employees improve their level of professional knowledge and skills in law.



Соглашение между Литовской и Казахстанской компаниями

Agreement between Lithuanian and Kazakh companies: The path to agreement through legal obstacles

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Добро пожаловать в Казахстан!

Welcome to Kazakhstan!

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We help to open a business in Dubai (UAE)

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