Accounting service. Tax advice

Accounting outsourcing – comprehensive monthly accounting support for the company’s activities

  • LLP without VAT, simplified declaration;
  • IP without VAT, simplified declaration;
  • LLP without VAT, general regime;
  • IP without VAT, general mode;
  • LLP with VAT, simplified declaration;
  • IP with VAT, simplified declaration;
  • LLP with VAT, general regime;
  • IP with VAT, general mode.

An additional service to accounting outsourcing: HR administration.

Compilation and submission of electronic forms of tax reporting

  • Drawing up a tax return and sending it electronically with a printout of a notification without maintaining accounting and tax records;
  • Preparation and submission of tax reporting on imports from the countries of the Customs Union;
  • Annual reports.

Development of company guidelines

  • Development of tax accounting policy;
  • Development of an enterprise accounting policy.

Restoring documentation

  • Restoration of accounting;
  • Restoration of tax accounting, preparation and submission of tax returns.

Human Resource Management

  • Development of local acts of the company;
  • Development of company orders;
  • Planning staffing;
  • Drafting employment contracts;
  • Analysis of employment contracts;
  • Drafting job descriptions;
  • Contracts on liability;
  • Drawing non-compete regulations and agreements.