Business registration: where to start and what stages will you have to go through?

Kazakhstan is very attractive for business development: a simplified visa regime for foreign citizens, an e-government system with a wide list of online paperwork, a simplified tax system with tax exemptions for small businesses. But it should be understood that only being in the legal field can one count on privileges from the state, which means that business registration must be carried out in accordance with all the rules and in accordance with applicable law.

Before starting the business registration procedure, it is necessary to carefully study the legislation. Thus, in Kazakhstan there is a ban on doing business as individual entrepreneurs for foreign citizens who do not have a residence permit. Thus, it is necessary to register a business by forming a legal entity. The choice of the form of organization of a legal entity should also be carried out depending on the activities of the company.

After conducting a preliminary analysis of the market, it is worth starting the preparatory stage. We recommend that even at the initial stage of business registration, seek professional help from a law firm, since the collection of documents for registration and their correct execution is a very laborious process. You should discuss with lawyers the field of activity in which you plan to engage. When performing a certain type of work, you must have the appropriate licenses (with which you can also be helped by specialists from a law firm). The choice of object status directly affects not only the procedure for registering a business, but also its subsequent taxation. Therefore, it is necessary to determine in advance which category you will belong to: a small, medium or large business entity. Then you need to make a number of organizational issues with the development of certain documents: come up with a company name and determine the legal address, draw up constituent documents (minutes of the general meeting of company participants, memorandum of association, organization charter, etc.), a complete list of which will be prompted by professional lawyers.

Where to go to register a business?

First of all, it is necessary to submit a complete list of documents for registering a business to the Public Service Center. The PSC can be selected at the place of legal address or at the place of residence of the applicant. After checking all the documents you provided, you will receive a certificate of registration of your organization and a tax registration number (TIN) of a legal entity.

Having a certificate of registration in hand, the next steps are ordering a seal, choosing a taxation system, opening an official bank account, processing documents with statistical authorities. Only after the completion of all these stages, you will be able to officially carry out business activities on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.