C5 business immigrant visa and C3 employment visa

According to subparagraph 2 of paragraph 2 of Article 40 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Population Migration”, it is prohibited to create a legal entity, as well as participation in the authorized capital of commercial organizations by joining the participants of legal entities to foreigners who have not received entry visas as business immigrants.

C5 business immigrant visa
Foreign citizens wishing to conduct business in Kazakhstan can open a company or join the founders of an existing Kazakh company. To do this, a foreigner needs to apply for a business immigrant visa of category C 5.
Obtaining this visa will allow you to carry out the procedure of becoming a member of a Kazakh legal entity in the legal field and avoid problems in the future.

A business immigrant is a foreign citizen who arrived in Kazakhstan for the purpose of carrying out business activities.

Who needs a C5 Visa?

If you are not a citizen of the member countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan), then you will need to obtain this visa.

What types of C5 visa are there? What are the deadlines?

There are two types of C5 Business Visa for a foreign citizen: single-entry and multiple-entry. First, an initial C5 visa is issued – a single-entry visa valid for up to 90 days. After a single-entry C5 visa, you can extend it to a multiple-entry one (up to 2 years).

How to obtain a C5 business visa for a foreign citizen?

To obtain a C5 visa, you will need an invitation from a Kazakh company, which we can provide you with. This invitation will act as a guarantor for the businessman.
In addition to our invitation, additional documents may be required, including a certificate of no criminal record and the absence of a ban on business activities, medical insurance, etc., therefore, KORGAN Company recommends contacting the Embassy/Consulate of the Republic of Kazakhstan of the country of citizenship or permanent residence and request a list of documents for of this Visa.

To issue an invitation for a C5 visa, you need:

  • a scanned copy of the first page of the founder’s passport, a scanned residence permit (if the foreigner plans to obtain a visa in a country other than his country of citizenship);
  • place of obtaining a visa (city where the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan is located);
  • information about the place of residence in the country of citizenship or permanent residence, place of work (company name and position);
  • information about the hotel or address in Kazakhstan where he will stay;
  • information about the subject of the company being opened (approximate types of activities, planned investments).

The processing time for a C5 Business Visa is up to 1.5 – 2 weeks.

If a legal entity is established, then provide the details (Business identification number, address, types of activities, full name of the head of the company, Individual identification number, date of birth, cell phone and work phone numbers).

The KORGAN company offers you an invitation for a C5 business immigrant visa, assistance in obtaining a visa, as well as support in opening a turnkey legal entity.

When choosing the KORGAN Law Firm as an organization accompanying you in obtaining a C5 visa, opening and running a business in Kazakhstan, you no longer have to worry about the legal component of this issue, since our specialists from the cities of Astana, Karaganda and Almaty have many years of experience in this area.

Who needs a C3 visa?

C3 visa
An Employment Visa, also known as a work visa, allows foreigners to work in Kazakhstan for a specified period of time.

To carry out labor activities on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, foreign citizens need a work visa of category C3.

What is required for a C3 Visa?

To obtain a work visa in Kazakhstan, you must comply with certain requirements and provide the necessary documents.

List of documents required to obtain a C3 work multiple-entry visa for the head (Director) of a 100% foreign company:

First option Second option
Obtaining a visa on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Issued to those foreigners who can enter the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan without a visa for 30 days or on B3, B2 business visas issued by the employing company Obtaining a visa at the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan abroad in the country of citizenship of the guest at the invitation of the employer’s company
1. Scans of constituent documents (certificate of state registration, charter, order for director, decision on opening and appointment of the first director)
2. Electronic digital signature from the company with a password (either submitting a request to government authorities via TeamViewer, or according to our instructions, the Client submits the request himself)
3. Employment contract, order, decision (minutes) for the head of the Company (appointment as director) (copies certified by seal, pre-send scans for making requests)
4. Notification of the stay of a foreign citizen (submitted within 3 calendar days after the guest’s arrival)
5. completed application form (we provide a template)
6. photo 3×4
7. original passport
8. payment of state duty (30 Monthly calculation indices). Either a receipt for payment or provide cash for payment. We provide details for non-cash payment from a legal entity
Documents are prepared within 15 working days, the passport is submitted for 10 working days for verification by the migration authorities. Total 30-35 calendar days. Since a response from the government agency is first requested (15 business days), we recommend that the guest arrive after receiving a response to the request. When submitting a passport, the foreigner must be present to verify his identity You need a home address in your country of citizenship and an address in Kazakhstan where you plan to live

In general, obtaining a work visa in Kazakhstan requires following certain procedures and providing the necessary documents. However, if all requirements are met, a foreign worker can legally work and reside in Kazakhstan.

When choosing the KORGAN Law Firm as an organization accompanying you in obtaining a C3 visa, you no longer need to worry about the legal component of this issue, since our specialists from the cities of Astana, Karaganda and Almaty have many years of experience in this field.