Documents required for vehicle registration and fee rates

The list of documents required for registration of a vehicle when applying to the REP:

1) a completed vehicle registration certificate in accordance with the established form;

2) an identity document (an identity card of a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a passport of a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a birth certificate for minors) and a notarized power of attorney from an individual, when transferring powers to an attorney to another person;

3) address certificate;

4) the relevant document on payment of duties and fees specified in paragraph 7 of this standard (in the absence of information in state information systems);

5) copies of documents confirming:
– payment of tax on a vehicle in the manner prescribed by the Tax Code – for tax payers;
– the right to tax exemption – for persons who are not tax payers, in accordance with the Tax Code;

6) a certificate confirming the state registration (re-registration) of a legal entity, branch, (representative office) of a legal entity, issued by the registering authority, the charter (for verification) and copies thereof;

7) technical document – a document containing information that allows you to establish the compliance of the vehicle with its technical parameters (SRTS, SRTS issued in another state, vehicle passport, acceptance certificate of the manufacturer) (hereinafter referred to as the technical document);

8) certificate of the manufacturer or enterprise that installed special (or specialized) equipment on a vehicle within the Republic of Kazakhstan or relevant customs documents for imported equipment, a certificate of conformity;

9) SRNZ, SRTS and/or vehicle registration documents imported into the Republic of Kazakhstan under the obligation to re-export;

10) sending an organization to work with the diplomatic corps of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (for foreign road users);

11) an order (instruction) of a legal entity on the allocation and transfer of a vehicle to its structural unit or to another legal entity or individual, certified by a seal;

12) documents confirming the ownership of the vehicle, numbered unit, which include:
– documents confirming the passage of customs clearance (customs declaration, customs receipt order, obligation to re-export in cases of temporary import) for vehicles imported from countries outside the Customs Union;
– a writ of execution with a court-certified copy of the court decision, resolution, notification of the bailiff on the actions of the state body subject to execution;
– contracts, transactions, certificates, documents on the right to inherit property, drawn up in accordance with the requirements of civil law.

For the provision of public services, a state fee is charged, which, in accordance with Article 540 of the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 10, 2008 “On taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget (Tax Code)” (hereinafter referred to as the Tax Code), is for the issuance of:

1) vehicle registration certificate (hereinafter – SRTS) – 125 percent of the minimum monthly calculation index (hereinafter – MCI) established on the day of payment of the state fee;

2) state registration number plate (hereinafter – GRNZ) for a car – 280 percent of the MCI;

3) SRNZ for motor vehicles, a trailer for a car – 140 percent of the MCI;

4) GRNZ “Transit” – 35 percent of the MCI.

In addition, Article 456 of the Tax Code provides for a state fee for registration of vehicles, which is one fourth of the MCI for each registered (re-registered) vehicle, as well as upon receipt of a duplicate SRTS.