IIN for a foreigner

Individual identification number (IIN) helps to receive state. services, make payments, perform various actions with papers on the territory of Kazakhstan. Government agencies require this number not only from residents of the Republic. It must be presented to everyone, incl. foreigners wishing to register a legal entity, purchase and sale of real estate, other legal entities. relations with the citizens of Kazakhstan.

We help all foreigners, in accordance with the procedure established by law, obtain an IIN, go through all the stages of registration. Agency employees comply with all the rules according to which the state is conducted. document flow. This eliminates the occurrence of any errors and inaccuracies in the design.

Please call the numbers indicated in the header of the site so that the representatives of the agency answer your questions and set the time of the visit (Astana, Nur-sultan, Almaty). The speed and quality of the result obtained will depend on the accuracy of fulfilling all the requirements.

What is required for a foreigner to obtain an IIN?

According to the legislation of Kazakhstan, in order to obtain an IIN from foreign citizens, the following documents are required:

  • passport of a person, with translations certified by a notary public;
  • tax registration number;
  • power of attorney from our employees.

After a visit to the office and checking all the papers, a cooperation agreement will be signed with a clear description of the services provided.

Using our agency, you will save time and money than when contacting dubious organizations. We have the appropriate licenses to provide this type of service, our employees have invaluable experience working with the state apparatus. Apply now to get an IIN for a foreigner in Kazakhstan as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Profiling is the key to success

Thanks to the well-established scheme of work, we do not waste the time of customers in vain.

The list of services provided, in addition to obtaining an IIN, includes:

  • consultations on the workflow on obtaining IIN for foreign citizens;
  • assistance in registering the customer with the tax office.

People turn to us because our work has long been recognized among our citizens. Reviews and reputation provide our employees with a constant flow of work.

Recommendations prove that we work better than our competitors:

  • customers are provided with any targeted assistance;
  • all our clients are freed from paper bureaucracy as much as possible;
  • payment is made upon completion of the declared amount and types of work;
  • bugs are fixed promptly.

Call the numbers listed in the header of the site. Representatives of the agency will answer the questions that have arisen, help with the resolution of disputes, suggest their correct solution. We always meet the needs of our clients, therefore we achieve maximum efficiency and feedback.

Only experience and professionalism

Judging by the feedback from our customers, we are doing our job well.

Finding an approach to each client, agency employees provide a new level of service that is not available to our competitors:

  • getting closer to customers, we understand them better;
  • offering only specific solutions, we save them money;
  • observing the law, it becomes possible to guarantee the safety of further work.

Do you need to quickly get an IIN for a foreigner in Kazakhstan? Do not understand the intricacies of domestic document management? Call us.

Qualified lawyers will solve your problems as quickly as possible, without wasting time and attracting significant financial resources, guaranteeing a quality result.