Registration of a branch in Kazakhstan

Registration of a branch of a foreign legal entity (company) in Kazakhstan is a rather laborious process that requires registrars to have a clear knowledge of the law, all bureaucratic procedures and regulatory requirements. Employees of our agency have sufficient experience to provide these services without delay and error. Documentation is prepared on original forms, according to all standards.

By applying for help now, you will receive qualified assistance, guaranteed by certificates and a professional approach. Feedback from customers confirms that our employees always achieve the goals that customers set for them.

Contact numbers for inquiries are listed at the top of the site. A free review consultation is provided (Astana, Nur-sultan, Almaty).

Required papers for registering a branch in Kazakhstan

In order for the specialists of our agency to be able to start working, you will need to provide the following papers:

  • registration statement signed by the executive body of the registered company;
  • prepared position on representation;
  • certified general power of attorney for the future head of the opening branch or representative office;
  • a legal decision to open a branch, certified by the head office of the company being formed;
  • commercial register records or certificate of incorporation;
  • copies of all constituent documents.

A complete list of documents is provided by employees of our company. After the application is submitted, the documents will be checked. Before starting the registration procedures, a number of consultations are held with the customer to agree on controversial issues.

High efficiency in solving problems with registration of branches

Well-defined work, distribution of responsibilities and a systematic approach ensure high efficiency in solving customer problems. Each case is individual.

Employees delve into the details, check all the ins and outs of the company, explain every legal detail:

  • We are easy to work with. The result of the client is the first priority;
  • price transparency allows you to offer the best solutions to customers. Only target, at the moment, services are provided;
  • the meticulousness of the employees eliminates mistakes that can cost a lot;
  • we can guarantee the result provided by the signed cooperation agreement.

Being on the target market for more than a year, we have developed strategies for cooperation with all state bodies of Kazakhstan, so the work is carried out clearly, without delay. We are approached due to the high level of expertise. We safely serve even problematic customers.

The cost of registration services may differ from the nominal, as it is calculated on an individual basis and may depend on the complexity of the situation. Contact our consultants at the specified numbers, get qualified assistance and start collecting the specified documents.

At the end of the agreed period, you will receive the statutory documents on the registration of a branch of your enterprise in Kazakhstan.