Registration of licenses: how to get a construction license?

Having a license is a guarantee of providing quality services that meet state standards. Many areas of activity are subject to licensing, and construction is no exception. Moreover, it is not so easy to obtain a license to perform construction and installation works, because not only the quality of the services provided, but also the safety of people directly depends on the level of professional training of the employee. That is why there is a division of construction licenses into categories, each of which is issued in accordance with the qualifications of the applicant and gives the right to perform strictly limited activities.

To expedite obtaining a license for construction activities, you should contact a law firm. They will help to collect a complete list of documents in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated May 16, 2014 No. 202-V “On Permits and Notifications” and the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated July 16, 2001 No. 242-II “On Architectural, Urban Planning and Construction Activities in the Republic Kazakhstan”. It is better to play it safe in advance than to collect an incomplete list of documents, waste time, get a refusal to apply for a license and start all over again.

In fairness, it should be noted that not all construction-related activities are subject to mandatory licensing. The relevant certificate will be sufficient for expert work and engineering services in the field of architecture, urban planning and construction activities. A license must be obtained for the following activities:

  • survey activity;
  • design design;
  • construction and installation works;
  • construction of residential buildings in shared construction.

The division of licensees into categories occurs at the stage of consideration of an application for a license, the authorized body evaluates the qualifications and experience of the applicant and then prescribes the category in the special conditions of the license.

  • III category – issued to an individual or legal entity that receives a license for the first time. With this document, it is possible to carry out activities at the facilities of the second technically simple and third levels of responsibility. If we are talking about objects of the first and second levels of responsibility, then it is possible to perform work only on the terms of a subcontract.
  • II category is issued for a bet confirming a certain experience. It is necessary to work in the construction industry for at least 5 years, as well as to document the independent implementation of 5 objects (under contract agreements) or participation in the commissioning of 10 objects (under subcontract agreements). The owner of the II category does not have the right to draw up work contracts for objects that fall under the first level of responsibility.
  • I category – gives the right to carry out activities at facilities of all levels of responsibility. To obtain a construction license, you need to have 10 years of experience with proof of work on 10 objects under contract agreements or 20 objects under subcontract agreements.