Reorganization by spin-off

There are several types of reorganization of a legal entity, one of them is spin-off. The extraction process itself takes a long time.

Our company carried out such a reorganization procedure in the form of a spin-off.

Art. 46 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan states that “When one or more legal entities are separated from a legal entity, the rights and obligations of the reorganized legal entity are transferred to each of them in accordance with the separation balance sheet.”

The separation begins with the adoption of the Decision, on the basis of which a preliminary separation balance sheet is drawn up, a notification is submitted to the media.

It is also necessary to notify creditors of the reorganization of a legal entity by sending them a copy of the separation balance sheet and notification.

Only after the submission of notifications, the countdown of two months begins, during which creditors have the right to demand repayment of the debt.

If no objections are received from creditors after two months, the legal entity may continue the reorganization process.

Documents for registration of a separate legal entity are submitted to the PSC department and a registration fee of 2 MCI + 12% is paid

Already after the registration of the separated legal entity, it is possible to transfer assets to it on the basis of a separation balance sheet and carry out the process of reducing the authorized capital of the main legal entity, on account of which the authorized capital of the separated legal entity was created.

To reorganize your legal entity, you can contact our company at any time.