Representation of interests in court

Pre-trial dispute resolution

  • Claim dispute resolution procedure;
  • Dispute resolution with the involvement of a mediator;
  • Dispute resolution by permanent arbitration

Tax disputes

  • Challenge notifications based on the results of a tax audit;
  • Challenging notifications about the elimination of violations identified by the tax authorities based on the results of an in-house audit;
  • Challenge of notices on elimination of violations of the tax legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Disputes related to pseudo-entrepreneurship and invalidation of the registration of a legal entity;
  • Disputes related to the claims of the tax authorities on the recognition of transactions as invalid;
  • Challenging the issue of accruing a fine and the possibility of exemption from its payment or reduction of its size;
  • Challenging the conclusions of the tax authorities;
  • Challenging the actions of the tax authorities in terms of imposing restrictions on the disposal of property.

Disputes arising from a construction contract and public procurement

  • Collection of debt for work performed from the customer;
  • Collecting the prepayment amount from the contractor in case of improper fulfillment of obligations under the work contract;
  • Termination of a construction contract in court;
  • Claims for compelling an unscrupulous contractor to eliminate deficiencies in the work performed;
  • Protection of the interests of contractors in claims for recognition as an unfair participant in public procurement;
  • Challenging the results of public procurement;
  • Challenge illegal orders of regulatory authorities.

Corporate disputes

  • Related to the creation, reorganization and liquidation of a legal entity;
  • At the request of founders, shareholders, participants, members of a legal entity (hereinafter referred to as participants in a legal entity) for compensation for losses caused to a legal entity, invalidation of transactions made by a legal entity, and (or) application of the consequences of the invalidity of such transactions;
  • Associated with the appointment or election, termination, suspension of powers and liability of persons who are or were members of the management bodies of a legal entity, as well as disputes arising from civil legal relations between such persons and a legal entity in connection with the implementation, termination, suspension of their authority;
  • On convening a general meeting of participants of a legal entity;
  • On challenging decisions, actions (inaction) of the governing bodies of a legal entity.

Business disputes

  • Collection of debt arising from various types of contracts: the principal amount of the debt, the penalty, legal costs, the costs of paying for the services of a representative;
  • Recovery of damages;
  • Protecting the interests of employers when an employee files a claim for the recovery of wages.