Requisites for paying the state fee to the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Requisites for transferring the state fee for consideration of complaints in the supervisory authority (Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan)

Beneficiary: Republican State Institution “State Revenue Administration for Yesil District of the State Revenue Department for the city of Astana of the State Revenue Committee of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan”

BIN: 081240013779

IIC: KZ24070105KSN0000000

Beneficiary’s bank: State Committee of the Treasury of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Tax authority code: 6205


108125 “State duty credited to the republican budget” includes the state duty on claims submitted to state institutions and is credited 100% to the republican budget.

108126 “State fee credited to the local budget” includes the state fee levied on statements of claim, statements of action proceedings, applications (complaints) in cases of special proceedings, applications for issuing a court order, applications for re-issuance judicial acts, appeals, cassation complaints, petitions for the revision of a judicial act in the order of supervision and other documents, and with the exception of the state duty from claims submitted to the court against state institutions and 100% is credited to the local budget.

206108 Other non-tax revenues to the republican budget, except for revenues from organizations in the oil sector

KNP 911