Russian company registered in Nur-Sultan


More and more foreign companies come to the developing market of Kazakhstan, as a result of which there is a need to register a legal entity with foreign participation. Law firm KORGAN provides registration services for such legal entities.

Registration includes: obtaining IIN / BIN, preparation of constituent documents, selection of the optimal tax regime for activities, VAT registration.

During the activity of the law firm KORGAN, there are more than 20 registered companies with foreign participation.

At the beginning of this month, we registered another LLP, the founder of which is a legal entity registered in the Russian Federation – Nevatom Moscow LLC, a company that is a major manufacturer of industrial ventilation equipment in the Russian Federation.

Turning to our company, you get a high-quality and professional service with a minimum of risks. We will not only prepare the constituent documents for you and register the company, but also advise on the procedure for further actions on the territory of Kazakhstan.