The decision of the court of the Russian Federation was legalized


Collection of the amount of debt from a foreign organization for violation of contractual obligations is one of the most complex procedures and time-consuming problems. In accordance with the legislation of most countries on enforcement proceedings, the execution of judicial acts must be carried out on the territory of the country of registration of the debtor. KORGAN Law Company LLP can boast of a successful and rather rich experience in debt collection in favor of foreign organizations.

Thus, the Court in the Russian Federation (Seventeenth Arbitration Court of Appeal, Perm) dated August 27, 2019, issued a Resolution to recover from the Respondent, registered and located in the Republic of Kazakhstan (Emaigal Group LLP) in favor of Unikron- M (our client from Russia) the amount of debt in the amount of 596,587 Russian rubles. However, in order to recover the specified amount, it was necessary to recognize this Resolution and enforce it on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

So, the lawyers of our company (Shirinov Emin) prepared a Petition for recognition and enforcement in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan of the Resolution of the Seventeenth Arbitration Court of Appeal (Perm, RF). Further, the Specialized Economic Court of the Karaganda region issued a ruling on satisfaction of the requirements of our client’s petition and recognition, enforcement on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan of the above Resolution. This ruling was appealed against by Emaigal Group LLP. However, thanks to the skills and professionalism honed by practice, the lawyers of KORGAN Law Company LLP managed to prove in the court of appeal that the debtor’s arguments are untenable, and the complaint must be dismissed.

If your debtors are also located on the territory of another state, then our team knows how to solve your problem and legally collect the amount of debt as soon as possible.