Trademark registration

At a certain stage of its development, your brand product / service becomes recognizable to consumers and you are faced with the need to register a trademark, because a trademark is the No. 1 tool for distinguishing your goods and services from other manufacturers of goods and services.

In addition to individualization, a trademark in the eyes of a potential consumer of goods and services also acts as a guarantee of quality, because not every organization can afford not to be afraid to register a trademark and provide quality goods and services. Definitely, if your organization has a trademark, this cannot be ignored by the consumer, i.e. This is a kind of advertising for your business and brand.

And of course, if a trademark is registered for you, you can not be afraid of unfair competition, “dirty games” from other companies, because the legislation provides for liability for persons who sell your goods / services under their own name or, conversely, promote their goods under your name.

A trademark registered by the KORGAN law firm is a guarantee of transparent business conduct, without any fears about the use of your brand by other unscrupulous persons.

Trademark registration is regulated by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Trademarks, Service Marks and Appellations of Origin of Goods” and other regulatory legal acts in the field of trademark registration. Trademark registration makes it possible to distinguish goods (services) of one person from similar goods (services) of other persons.

Below is information that includes information about the stages, terms, cost of registering a trademark, documents required for registration and the duration of the rights to a trademark.

To date, the following methods of filing an application and registering a trademark are available: on paper and by filing an electronic application. Filing an application through the electronic portal is the most optimal and appropriate way to register a trademark today for the following reasons:

1. The cost of preliminary and full examinations when filing an application electronically is significantly lower than when filing an application on paper, in which funds are additionally spent on postage of documents to the authorized body and other expenses;

2. Time and other resources will also be spent significantly less when submitting an application electronically than when submitting documents on paper, because the level of bureaucracy when interacting with the authorized body through the electronic portal is minimized.

In view of the foregoing, the information below includes the information required to register a trademark through an electronic application.

Trademark registration includes the following steps:

1. Collection of materials and preparation of an electronic application for registration of a trademark;

2. Issue by the authorized body in the field of trademark registration an invoice for payment for the services of an expert organization for the examination;

3. Payment and subsequent submission of an application through the portal of the authorized body;

4. Registration of an electronic application by an authorized body;

5. Preliminary examination of the application;

6. Full examination of the application;

7. Issuance of a title of protection.

Terms for registering a trademark

As for the terms of registration of a trademark, we bring to your attention that the entire procedure, from filing an application through the portal of the authorized body and ending with the issuance of a title of protection, takes 8-12 months.

Documents for registration

The following documents are required for the preparation and subsequent submission of an application:

  • Declared designation – an image of a trademark in electronic form. The size of the uploaded image is at least 945px*945px (8cm*8cm 300 dpi), and the format is PNG;
  • List of goods and (or) services in accordance with the International Classification of Goods and Services (ICGS) – a list of goods (services) provided by the company;
  • Power of attorney for a representative;
  • A document confirming payment for the services of an expert organization for the examination.

Note*: KORGAN law firm staff provide advice on each of the above points. Moreover, draft powers of attorney, a list of goods and services in accordance with the Nice Classification are submitted by our company. All that is required for the client is to choose from the proposed list what suits his type of activity.

Trademark registration fees

The cost of the entire procedure for registering a trademark is equal to the total amount of preliminary, full examinations and work related to the registration of a trademark in the state register, issuance of a certificate and publication of registration information.

The cost of registering a trademark is established by legislative acts in the field of trademark registration. To date, the cost of the procedure for registering a trademark is:

Acceptance of an application and conducting a preliminary examination for registration of a trademark – 14,109 tenge 59 tiyn;

Conducting a full examination of a trademark – 37,400 tenge 16 tiyn;

Carrying out work related to the registration of a trademark, service mark in the state register, issuance of a certificate and publication of registration information – 36,544 tenge 48 tiyn.

Trademark Validity

Trademark registration is valid for 10 (ten) years from the date of filing the application. The term of validity of a trademark registration is renewed each time for ten years at the request filed during the last year of its validity.

If you need help in registering a trademark, then the lawyers of the law firm KORGAN will help you to obtain legal protection of a trademark for your goods and services without errors and paperwork.

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