Registration of trademarks. Copyright protection

The total cost of the product registration procedure is approximately 200,000 tenge

The cost of registering trademarks consists of:

The cost of our services is 150,000 tenge (up to 3 classes of the ICTU)

Two contributions to the authorized body

1st installment (up to 3 classes of the ICGS) mark examination services:

  • for legal entities 91,000 tenge (upon provision of a certificate of belonging to small and medium-sized businesses – 68,250 tenge);
  • for small and medium-sized businesses 68,250 tenge;
  • for individuals 63,700 tenge.

2nd installment after examination. 36,545 tenge – for issuing a security document.

Additionally for each class over 3 classes of the ICTU:

  • 25,500 tenge – for legal entities;
  • 19,125 tenge – for small and medium-sized businesses (including individual entrepreneurs);
  • 17,850 tenge – for individuals.

The deadlines are set for everyone by the authorized body NIIS Kazpatent, and neither we nor any other company can speed them up.

Why do you need to register a trademark?

A trademark allows you to distinguish the goods or services of one manufacturer/service provider from the goods and services of another. If you have your own brand and want to protect it from the encroachments of competitors, you must register your trademark.

Why do you need to contact the KORGAN law firm?

With us, registering a trademark (brand) is much easier, cheaper and faster, since having extensive experience in the field of trademark registration, we know perfectly well what clients want and what is necessary for this.

We strive to minimize client participation in the process of registering a trademark, since we understand that our clients have very little time and do not want to be distracted by legal red tape. All applications, requests, and other documentation are prepared and sent to the relevant authorized bodies by our specialists.

All you need is a power of attorney to represent your interests in the authorized body, an image of the trademark and payment for the services of the authorized body.

If you need professional assistance in registering a trademark and at reasonable prices, the KORGAN law firm is ready to provide you with services for registering a trademark at a professional level.