How to apply for a C5 business visa for a foreign citizen?

Foreign citizens wishing to do business in Kazakhstan can open a company or join the founders of an existing Kazakhstan company. To do this, a foreigner needs to apply for a business immigrant visa category C5.

Obtaining this visa will make it possible to carry out the procedure for becoming a member of a Kazakh legal entity in the legal field and avoid problems in the future.

In order to obtain a C5 visa, an invitation from a Kazakh company is required, which will act as a guarantor of the businessman.

To issue an invitation for a C5 visa, you need to:

  • scanned copy of the first page of the founder’s passport, scanned residence permit (if the foreigner plans to obtain a visa not in the country of citizenship);
  • place of obtaining a visa (Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan);
  • information about the place of residence in the country of citizenship or permanent residence, place of work (company name, position);
  • information about the hotel or address in Kazakhstan where he will stay;
  • information about the subject of the company being opened (exemplary activities, planned investments).

If the LLP is open, then indicate the details (BIN, address, activities, full name of the head, IIN, date of birth, cell and work phone numbers).

In order to obtain a C5 visa at the embassy, you need to indicate that in addition to our invitation, additional documents may be required, including a certificate of good conduct and the absence of a ban on entrepreneurial activity, medical insurance, etc.

Our company offers you to receive an invitation for a C5 business immigrant visa and also be accompanied in opening a turnkey legal entity.

Primary is issued for 3 months, then it is possible to extend for a year or two.